Exhibition of František Ronovsky at the Castle of Prague

Libretto of an exhibition and monography of F Ronovsky by PhDr. Jiří Urban, photo Béla Remak.
Philosophical subtext of the architectural design of the exhibition František Ronovský at the Castle of Prague

Creative road

The space narrowing both in the perspective, and physically, is formed by “rolling” panels, whose width is gradually lengthened. The “road” eventually ends in the view of a monumental work of art hung on the outer side of the circular wall, symbolizing the culmination of Ronovský’s production and synthesis of his creative career. Seen from above, there is the entire architectural composition of the “creative road”. In their shape, the panels of the “road” end in a circle, forming a kind of symbolic ICON.

The fact that the elements of the architectural design of the exhibition do not touch the wall of the hall (the symbolic icon described earlier is a composition of elements freely flowing in the space) implies that the impression of the cultured articulation of the side walls of the Riding School Hall is not hampered and the depth of the space is even enhanced. The changing colour scheme of the panels of the “road” supports the idea of creative maturing, the road to the monumentality of the crystallizing artistic expression.