1994 - 1996

Sweets café “U Matěje”, Telč, Bohemia

Two houses in the left part of the photo belong to the same owner. The original fasade of the right one was remodelled to blend with the style of Telč-renaissance city. The left extention with the pergola on the roof is newly built.

A round viewing window is set into the corner of the building at a child´s height, to attract the attention of young customers.

Entering the front door, visitors are drawn into a café style shop. In summer, the glass back door slides open revealing a stairway that leeds through the garden up into a terrace sitting area. There , the sun casts shadows as a lattice-webbed pergola provides shade.

The historical section of Telč, as well as its Renaissance chateau visible from the top of the terrace, is now under the protection of UNESCO.