Indian Museum – Vancouver Island

NUU-CHAH-NULTH MUSEUM - West Coast Indian Cultural Centre, Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada.

"When I saw the wild beauty of the location in which the museum was to be built, I decided to conceal the architecture behind the hill slope. Upon arriving from a distance, you could see only the giant totem as a symbol of Indian culture. You pass through it, cross the bridge made from a single great log and enjoy the view over the ocean from the terrace. A wooden pavilion, with its roof shape representing a raven, provides shade to observe killer whales at play just a few hundred meters away. A wooden relief on the exterior wall (20 x 20 m, made by native artists) facing towards the ocean is a focal point when natives are arriving at their cultural centre from the sea. The stepped configuration of the interior takes advantage of the natural landscaping, stressing rapport between the museum's interior and its environment."