Pahlavi Art Gallery in the desert, Iran

Designed for the Shah of Iran, while arch. Picek was building the Pahlavi Museum of the 6th Bahman for the same investor in Teheran.
The shape of this gallery comes from the concept of a spinning malleable form, forces pulling at it in all directions and flattening it freely into a unique design. The central column section houses a social gathering room that revolves, so that when inside, a rotating gallery effect is created. The walls are decorated with light reliefs (designed by Pavel Nešleha), whose shadows gradually change with the position of the room. A terrace on the roof and the ramp leading up to it serve as a gallery of exterior sculpture. The building sits in the desert, surrounded by geometric water shapes and sand.
Luminous reliefs of the rotating social space, located on the upper level, were designed by Pavel Nešleha.