Pahlavi Museum and Audiovisual Theatre of 6th Bahman, Tehran

Complex of exhibition areas and TEATRON audiovisual theatre was built under the gardens of the Monument called SHAHYAD, that became a symbol of Pahlavi Dynasty.


The audiotheatre with exhibition areas were located under the gardens of the Shahyad monument – symbol of the Pahlavi dynasty.


Entrance – atrium (fountain by Hugo Demartini).

Audiovisual Theatre



Audiotheatre with 12 mooving columns hanged from the ceiling. drawing by Stanislav Picek


Large screens with rear projection were covered by the curtain, in front is the lion relievo by Vojtěch Pařík. designed by Jarmila Tröstrová and arch. Picek



Moving columns are provided by inner projectors.

pahlavi_07 pahlavi_08

The projection of mooving columns was coordinated with rear projection of large screens in the back of the hall.


The audio programme was followed by music and an actor.

pahlavi_12 pahlavi_10
pahlavi_11 pahlavi_13


The mooving columns with the inner projection stoped at the end of the performance above the Carrara marmor blocks and the giant "scene" changed into the museum. The spectators sitting in the auditorium stepped down into this museum. When they turned back, the luminous image appeared on the understeps.

pahlavi_16 pahlavi_17
pahlavi_15 pahlavi_14

The opposite part of the space served as an auditorium.

pahlavi_19 pahlavi_18

The luminous ceiling above the auditorium.

Foyer - Inforama

On the "INFORAMA" screens in the foyer you could choose different programmes (e.g. History of Iran, Art….etc.)

From the head above the bar, located in the middle of INFORAMA, immages were projected on the ceiling and on the walls.

One of the thematic display cases in the foyer.