World War II Memorial, Prague – Letná plain

Participation in contest.

In early seventies, after the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Soviet army (in 1968), was advertised the competiton for the place, where the giant statue of Stalin was destroyed in fifties. The majority of the competitors was submiting their entries in complience with the political trends (naturalistic statues). It might sound a little bit pathetic nowadays, but in those days I felt that I should take part in that competition in the name of "my generation" with a certain abstract "protest- project".

Connecting the entrance area N.1 (at the end of the bridge crossing Vltava river) with the Letná plain on the top of the hill N.3, I have located there the split piece of mass with the escalator in between. The mentioned split piece ended with two vertical triangular plates (with an abstract relievo) on the top. Not to be eliminated by the jury immediately, we called this sculpture "unfolding combating file". The spreading area N.3 was linked with water cascades N.6, ending on one side in the atrium of New National Gallery N.7, that I was designing shortly before. The "spreding wings" of the memorial were followed by alleys of trees N.11. N.8. marks in Master plan low greenary, N.9. english lawn and N.10. underground parking, that is built nowadays.